In which I use my graphic design skills to promote ideas and causes I believe in.

Lockheed Martin, world's largest arms manufacturer and war profiteer was trying to make a deal with Bulrington, Vermont's mayor, Bob Kiss, to come to town to solve our green issues. The group, NO LOCKHEED, wasn't buying it. I made these posters to point out the contradictions in letting the major contributor to toxic pollution use Burlington's good name to greenwash their reputation.

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    2015. Not done for any particular campaign, but as part of a series of Mother Earth designs.

  • Vote No On Smart Meters

    ©Liza Cowan 2011

  • The Hen and The Fox

    Original illustration by Walter Crane. Adapted by Liza Cowan

  • Physicians Say

    Adapted from old Lucky Strike ad. It was absurd to say that physicians approved of Lucky Strike. Also absurd to say that Lockheed Martin does a swell job with climate change, except to create it.