For these paintings I used regular opaque acrylic paint, and rarely used any translucent paints, although sometimes I like to have transparent details. I usually work from back to front, in reverse. It takes a while to get the hang of it, but after a while it becomes second nature.

For more on my technique, see my section FAKE! which features several reverse paintings on old windows. 

These paintings are one of a kind, and many of the ones you see here are already in private collections. For more on my reverse paintings on glass, see my blog HERE

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  • White Tara

    Tibetan Goddess Tara in her White form. In this painting, Tara is showing a slight influence of Fernand Leger, note the hand and the flower. I had just finished my series, FAKE! Paintings By Liza Leger, Liza Matisse and Liza Picasso.

  • Swans in Pond

    Reverse Paint on Glass. Detail.

  • Chickens in nest.

    Reverse paint on window.

  • Chickens in moonshine

    reverse paint on window

  • Dreaming chickens

    Reverse Painting on Window

  • Willa's Horse 2003

    Reverse Paint on window image taken from painting by 5 year old Willa Cowan.

  • Russel Wright pitcher and cups

    I'm a bit obsessed with these shapes. For more about Russel and Mary Wright see link above.