"…we have to follow the things themselves, for their meanings are inscribed in their forms, their uses, their trajectories. It is only through the analysis of these trajectories that we can interpret the human transactions and calculations that enliven things. Thus, even though from a theoretical point of view human actors encode things with significance, from a methodological point of view it is the things-in-motion that illuminate their human and social context."

Arjun Appadurai, The Social Life of ThingsCambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011

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  • My mother's silverware

    Crayon rubbing of silverware, scanned then made into digital collage. rubbing circa 2002. Digital collage 2017

  • ad for the social life of things

    I made this ad for an exhibition I was curating at Winooski Circle Arts. The gallery lost its lease before the exhibition was ready.

  • Boyakin

    child mannequin by Ralph Pucci/Maira Kalman. Photographed at Pine Street Art Works by Liza Cowan 2007. Used for advertising and display.

  • Wooden Horse against Red

    I bought this horse, I think it's from India, at a shop in Santa Fe.

  • CAROUSEL HORSE: click here for more information

    Allen Hershell horse From the historic carousel in Greenport, NY.. ©Liza Cowan

  • Snoopy in red sweater

    I still play with my stuffed animals.

  • Walking Tara

    Small statue of Tibetan goddess, Tara. In this depiction, Tara is walking. She is usually shown seated.

  • Barbie Booklet

    From the Liza Cowan Ephemera Collections. ©Liza cowan and ©Mattel.

  • Toy Tea Set

    ©Liza Cowan

  • My Wooden Dollhouse

    I bought this from a friend years ago. The Nancy Drew books leaning against it will give some indication of scale. Photo ©Liza Cowan 2014

  • Perfume bottle shadows. Click here for more information.

    I found some vintage mini perfumes at an antique store. I love their shapes and the shadows they throw.©Liza Cowan

  • PERFUME BOTTLES, SEPIA: click here for more information

    Vintage mini perfume bottles. ©Liza Cowan

  • The tattered Remains

    My daughter wore this tutu to shreds. Now it hangs on the wall like an archeological treasure. ©Liza Cowan

  • Monopoly Shoe, Blue

  • PHRANC'S JACK PURCELLS. click here for more about Phranc

    Cardboard sneakers by Phranc, The Cardboard Cobbler. From an exhibit at Pine Street Art Works. Photo©Liza Cowan

  • spotted chair

    I painted the chair, I painted the wall, I took the picture.

  • Shawnee Corn King Pottery

    photo ©Liza Cowan

  • My mother's spoons

    ©Liza Cowan

  • SPROUT COLLECTIVE by Paige Russell. Click here for more Paige.

    Paige worked in the shop next to Pine Street Art Works, and her studio was right down the street. I love her ceramics. Ceramics by Paige Russell. Photo ©Liza Cowan

  • Airstream Face

    I snapped this at an airstream show and discovered the face after I got home.

  • Liquid Cardboard

    LiquidCardboard was one of my favorite products to sell at Pine Street Art Works. ©Liza Cowan