I've always loved designing interiors, either at home or in my shops. Here are some of the interiors I've done, mostly my own home, the most recent one. Photos by me, unless stated otherwise. 

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  • Pine Street Art Works. The Olive Galler

    One of the smaller rooms in the gallery. Notice the walls that don't quite reach the ceiling. This room was for displaying works of artists who had previous one or two person shows, backlog of work still for sale. Sometimes used for additional main display if the show was very large.

  • Pine Street Art Works

    My gallery of art and artifacts, Burlington VT 2005-2009. I moved into an empty former-factory space and built a series of demi-walls to partition off three rooms. This was half of the main gallery space.

  • Small Equals, a tiny shop

    2009. I designed this 90 sq. ft shop inside The Space Gallery, amid artists workshops and a gallery. It was raw, empty space when I began. The yellow awning pulled down for off-hours. The counter served as both display and sales area. Customers could come inside to look at more of the items up close. The whole thing was very ship shape, and I only sold items that were very small.

  • Dining/Living room

    The Fall 2015 version. The outdoor setee comes inside for the colder months. Lamp by Kileh Freedman

  • organizing with trays

    I have trays everywhere.

  • The Girls' Room

    In summer greens and yellows.

  • Bedroom

    Summer blue and whites

  • kitchen

    Fall 2014. I like to use crates as shelving.

  • Who's there?

    Pug making sure the neighborhood is safe. Living room, Winter 2014

  • dining room/library

    I like a combo dining room, so I have comfortable chairs and book cases in mine. Here, featuring browns, blacks and whites.

  • Mantle

    I painted the brick mantle of the gas fireplace, as well as all of the walls. Everything is painted with Benjamin Moore Simply white.

  • Living Room

    Fall 2015 colors. I change the colors of the drapes and other soft furnishings with the change of seasons. I scour the shops for sales on fabric, and make the curtains.

  • Staircase

    Two of my mannequins. The Adel Rootstein Diane DeWitt, and the dressmakers dummy, Betty Body.I had Betty wired to use as a lamp.

  • three season screen porch

    Everything here is removable. The boxes go back in the barn for winter, the chairs come indoors, and the curtains get folded up and put into a drawer. So easy.

  • Staricase with spotted chair and mirror

    Mirrors in corners and dark spots help brighten things up.

  • My house. Front exterior

    This used to be farmland, and was converted to residential plots in the 1940's. My house has an original barn.