AMAZONS ALLONS-Y is a virtual postcard series sent by a troupe of six Amazons as they traveled the world. I made one per day for about 60 days. The last message was "play," and then they flew off on holiday. Without sending a card, may I add.

These are all digital collages using drawings of amazons and ephemera, often in the form of a vintage postcard and other bits of cobbled images. Some of the pieces are numbered, some not. For the full set, please see my FLICKR SITE


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  • Unite.

    Amazon is a clay sculpture from Tang Dynasty. Postcard from Taipei, mid 20th Century.

  • Magic Behind Magic

    Quotation from Douglas Hofstadter. Bark painting Oenpelli (Western Arnhemland, Australia), Untitled, c. 20th c.

  • Allons-Y

    Tang Dynasty clay sculptures.

  • Think

    Postcard from Taipei.

  • Play

    Early 20th Century circus die cut.

  • Amazons Allons-Y. Trees are LIfe

    Collage with Japanese matchbox label and amazon drawing. ©Liza Cowan

  • Make Everything Beautiful

  • Pollinate

  • Nourish

  • Circle the Sky

    Tang dynasty clay sculptures

  • Refresh

    Late 19th Century illustration

  • Kalidusa

    A merge of two goddesses. Kali and Medusa. The Kali is a slightly altered version of a matchbox cover from India. The Medusa mask is my drawing. The Labrys is an altered version of a real Labrys in a museum.

  • Listen To Your Sisters

  • Let's go save Mother Earth

    Background from the cover of the charming children's book, Trees In Britain, by S.R.Badmin, Puffin Picture Books.

  • Let's go save Mother Earth

    early Japanese map of globe